We want you to live your life with confidence knowing that the things that matter to you are protected.
But there’s something about driving a car without insurance which scares the nonsense out of me, and I bet it does you too.
So why not tell us what’s most important to you when it comes to car and home insurance.

If you are lucky in life you will never be involved in a car accident… your house will never be damaged and you’ll never be the victim of a crime. Unfortunately though, life’s not like that and chances are you will lose something that is valuable to you. That’s why you need comprehensive car and home insurance that is affordable to protect your biggest assets.

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Food for thought -Your premium may be lower if you don’t choose Comprehensive cover, but if you damage or write-off your car in an accident you will have to cover the costs yourself.

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Food for thought – Many people believe that the contents of their home are automatically included in their Homeowners cover, but this is not the case. Your household contents have to be insured separately!